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Seussical Jr. Tickets are now available!

  • Tickets are $9 for adults, $8 for students, and $7 for children and seniors. 

General Information:

Accessible seating is available by selecting an aisle seat. Please inform an usher when entering the auditorium and they will remove the traditional seat to be replaced by your wheelchair or other mobility device. Wheelchairs, strollers, walkers and carts can not be left in the aisle, they must be parked near the back of the auditorium, an usher will be happy to help you with this. 

Please show respect for our theater and our other patrons:
  • Be courteous to others by being quiet when needed and clapping/laughing/cheering when moved to. An engaged and energetic audience really helps our performers shine. 
  • Cell phones/tablets must be silent and screens dark for the performance. 
  • ​Copyright law prohibits photography or filming of any type from the audience. Furthermore, the cast does have the opportunity to purchase professional video recording and a photo CD from the production and does not need photos taken during the show. 
  • Please do not bring any sticky/messy foods into the auditorium. Only water is permitted in the auditorium. Please clean up your own garbage when exiting.
  • Concessions will be available for purchase in the lobby. Cash payment preferred.  

This is a family-friendly theatrical production and as such young children are welcome as long as they are on good behavior.
  • Children are welcome as lap-sitters until the age of 3, a child's ticket must be purchased if the child is taking up a seat. Bringing a booster seat or cushion is a great idea to allow for small children to better view the stage. 
  • Please remove crying/fussy children during a performance. Do not linger in the foyer with noisy children as the sound carries up the stairs and into the auditorium. Continue to move into the lobby and ticketing area. 
  • Prepare your kids for the experience. Attending your first theatrical performance can be a magical experience for a child, but it can also be scary or overstimulating. Dramatic themes, blackouts between scenes, startling sound cues, and even performers interacting with the audience can scare a child. Discuss these possibilities with small or anxious children as well as talking about audience etiquette. Feel free to ask an usher or production 
  • For most of our productions, there will be a character meet-and-greet after the show which includes some of our lead performers. Prepare you kids to meet our stars and don't forget a camera.